Confined Space Rescue – Awareness / Operations / Technician

Confined Space Rescue – Awareness / Operations / Technician
This 40-hour program meets the requirements set forth by OSHA 1910.146 and NFPA Standards 1670 and 1006 for members of an organization providing Technician Level confined space rescue, including the Awareness and Operations Level prerequisites.  Additional prerequisites include:

  • Firefighter 1 & 2, including Hazardous Materials, Operations Level
  • Rope Rescue, Operations Level

There is a strong emphasis on rescuer safety throughout the program, which is 20% classroom and 80% hands-on.

Course Content Includes:
Initial Actions at a confined space incident, Hazard Identification and Mitigation, which includes, Air Monitoring, basic and advanced Ventilation and Energy Control (LOTO).  The program covers the use of PPE, including chemical protective clothing (Level B) and both SCBA and SABA   Activities that address the operation of an Air Cart, Air Line Management and Communications that support the use of SABA are incorporated.  The use of non-entry rescue techniques are included, as well as Patient Assessment, Care & Packaging.  Basic rope rescue techniques are practiced and reviewed and rigging for technician level confined spaces is presented.  The duties associated with the various positions, such as Rescue Group Supervisor, Rescue Entrants, Rapid Intervention Crew and others are detailed.  The unique aspects of Rescuer Psychology are also addressed in a challenging workshop.  All participants will make entry and perform rescues from several types of real or simulated confined spaces.

The maximum class size is 18, unless specific arrangements are made in advance.

For more information, or to schedule a confined space rescue program for your department, please contact: Chris Smith at