Confined Space Rescue Operations

Confined Space Rescue Awareness / Operations
Confined Spaces KILL!
This course provides a tremendous education for rescuers.
This 24 hour program meets the NFPA 1670 requirements for members of an organization providing confined space rescue at an awareness and operations level.

The program meets and exceeds the knowledge, skills and abilities requirements of the NFPA 1006 Level 1 Technical Rescuer (Confined Space Rescue) section.

Course Content:
Awareness Level
Recognize the need for confined space search and rescue
Initiate contact and establish communications with victims where possible
Recognize and identify the hazards associated with non-entry confined space emergencies
Recognize confined space
Perform a non-entry retrieval
Implement the emergency response system for confined space emergencies
Implement site control and scene management
Operations Level (Confined Space Rescue Level 1)
Conduct monitoring of the environment
Prepare for entry into the confined space
Enter a confined space
Package the victim for removal from a confined space
Remove all entrants from a confined space
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