Trench Rescue Technician

This 50-hour program meets and exceeds the knowledge, skills and abilities requirement of the NFPA 1006 standard.

Course Content
Classroom Portion (10 hours)

  • Shoring strategies and tactics
  • Collapse patterns and types
  • Soil mechanics
  • Calculating soil forces
  • Rescue specific tabulated data
  • Best practices for trench rescue shoring
  • Victim release from entrapment and medical considerations
  • Case studies

Hands-On Course Content (40 hours)

  • Shoring collapsed trenches
  • Technician Shoring Team duties
  • Technician Panel Team duties
  • Technician Entry Team duties
  • Team leader decision making
  • Technician level shoring operations
  • Intersecting trench shoring
  • Deep trench operations (15-20 feet)
  • Replacement shoring
  • Supplemental shoring
  • Cross shoring the “repair” hole
  • End Wall shoring
  • Spreader struts
  • Proper use of “variable” strut pressures
  • Risk/ benefit and Factors of Safety
  • Inside walers
  • Outside walers
  • LVL walers
  • Cantilever walers
  • Use of Isolation Devices
  • Use of hand held penetrometers
  • Rigging and use of trench boxes
  • Stabilizing and lifting
  • Coordinated use of heavy equipment and equipment operators
  • Equipment inventory and restoration
  • The last day will include a challenging technician trench rescue scenario!

Trench Rescue 01  Trench Rescue 02
Trench Rescue 03  Trench Rescue 04

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