Trench Rescue Operations

Trench Rescue Awareness/ Operations 
This 24 hour program meets the NFPA 1670 requirements for members of an organization providing trench rescue at an awareness and operations level.

The program meets and exceeds the knowledge, skills and abilities requirements of the NFPA 1006 Level 1 Technical Rescuer (Trench Rescue) section.

Course Content:
Awareness Level
Recognize the need for a trench and excavation rescue
Identify the resources necessary to conduct safe and effective trench and excavation emergency operations
Initiate the emergency response system for trenches and excavations
Initiating site control and scene management
Recognize general hazards associated with trench and excavation emergency incidents and the procedures necessary to mitigate these hazards within the general rescue area and recognizing the unique hazards associated with the weight of soil and its associated entrapping characteristics
Recognize typical trench and excavation collapse patterns, the reasons trenches and excavations collapse, and the potential for secondary collapse
Initiate a rapid, non-entry extrication of non-injured or minimally injured victim(s)
Operations Level (Trench Rescue Level 1)
Conduct a size-up of a collapsed trench
Implement a trench emergency action plan
Implement support operations at trench emergencies
Support a non-intersecting straight wall trench of 8 ft or less
Release a victim from soil entrapment by components of a nonintersecting collapsed trench of 2.4 m (8 ft) or less in depth
Remove a victim from a trench
Disassemble support systems (sheeting/shoring) at a trench emergency incident

For more information, or to schedule a trench rescue program for your department, please contact:
Ron Zawlocki at or (248) 854-1170