Advanced Trench Rescue Shoring Symposium

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Course Description

This 50-hour, advanced trench/excavation shoring, symposium consists of 15 hours of intense didactics and 35 hours of hands on training and destructive testing of shoring components and systems. This course is designed for trench rescue team decision makers and trench rescue instructors. NFPA Trench Technician certification is a prerequisite.

The MUSAR Advanced Trench Rescue Shoring Symposium course teaches the participants to apply critical thinking and system analysis skills to develop and install rescue shoring systems in trenches. Students will learn “best practices” that are based on results from destructive testing and engineered data.

Classroom didactics will prepare the participant for guided experimental learning:

  1. Review and implementation of trench rescue shoring strategies and tactics
  2. Identification of common collapse patterns and void shoring options
  3. Calculating soil forces
  4. Use of engineered shoring charts designed for trench collapse conditions
  5. Trench rescue shoring system analysis
  6. Decision making and shoring implementation procedures

Hands on training will include:

  1. Trench assessment and shoring size up
  2. Shoring team and panel team operations
  3. Shoring void areas of partially collapsed trench walls
  4. End wall shoring options
  5. Deep excavation shoring with rakers
  6. Supplemental shoring with raker shores
  7. Intersecting trench shoring
  8. Shoring angled trench walls
  9. Large wall shear shoring
  10. Use of Vactor trucks and wall sculping equipment
  11. Extreme soil condition shoring options

Destructive Testing:
Students will learn the purpose and scope of Type 1 and Type 2 rescue shoring tests and will participate in the implementation and collection of data for several trench res-cue shoring destructive testing experiments.

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