Rope Rescue Awareness / Operations

Rope Rescue Awareness / Operations
his 40-hour program exceeds the capabilities required in NFPA 1670 for an Operations level team.

This is a hands-on, practical course specifically designed to address the needs of fire and rescue agencies which may be called upon to perform rope based rescues from above or below grade including the rescue of workers suspended on fall arrest as well as in support of operations at confined space, trench and structural collapse rescue incidents.

While the emphasis is on working as a team to complete the rescues, there are numerous individual skills are critical to that success. Throughout the program there is a strong emphasis on basic skills and safety. There fundamentals are important, not just for class, but as a foundation for all future rope rescue training. Each of the techniques presented has been tested and proven; and some will be proven again as a part of the program, especially in the belay workshop. After successfully completing the course, participants are able to work safely at rope rescue incidents, operate the commonly used systems (lower, raise and belay) and be familiar with the techniques used for the typical rope rescue incidents.

Course Content
NFPA & OSHA Standards
Standards Operating Guidelines
Lowering Systems
Mechanical Advantages
Ladder Systems
Low Angle Litter use
Roof-based pick-offs
Ground-based pick-offs
Fall Protection Patient Packaging
Rescue Scenarios


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