Rope Rescue Technician (Refresher)

Rope Rescue Technician REFRESHER New for 2013

The technician level refresher is a 16-hour program offered to allow previous MUSAR rope technicians to design, build and operate technical rope systems that are not covered during normal department rope drills. This program is almost entirely hands-on, very little time is sent in the classroom.

We all know that rope rescue is a perishable skill. Protect the investment in time and money that you and your department have; maintain the demanding technician-level skills you have developed.  The rope technician refresher is also a great way for instructors (and future instructors) to meet with their peers, discuss techniques and equipment and improve their presentation skills.

Attendance to this program is limited to previous graduates of MUSAR’s Technician level rope rescue program.

Subject areas covered in this program include

  • Artificial High Directionals
  • Passing Knots
  • Tracking Line Offset
  • Two-Rope Offset
  • Sloping Highlines