Rope Rescue Technician

Rope Rescue – Technician Level

This 45-hour program is a combination of classroom and hands-on, practical activities specifically designed to address the needs of fire and rescue agencies which may be called upon to perform rope-based rescues that exceed the capabilities of an Operations Level trained organization. It is also intended to address the specific rope rescue related needs of an Urban Search & Rescue Task Force or Regional Technical Rescue Teams. The program addresses all the capabilities listed in NFPA 1670 for a Technician Level Rope Rescue Team.

While the program includes a brief review of some operations level skills and techniques participants must, as a prerequisite for this class, be familiar with basic knotcraft, anchoring, lowering systems, belaying and pulley systems.

The classroom portion of the program focuses on the basic physics of rope rescue as they apply to anchoring systems, friction, resultants as well an introduction to artificial high directionals and horizontal systems.

The hands-on portion includes advanced anchoring, pulley systems ranging from simple through complex, hot change-overs and the use of the CMC MPD.  Considerable time is spent performing a variety of high angle litter work, both with and without an artificial high directional (Arizona Vortex©).  Rigging to support operations at confined space incidents is addressed, and participants will construct and operate a tracking line offset and a horizontal system to support swift water rescue.

This class also addresses pick-off rescues, using techniques that allow a two or three person team to perform the rescue.

Because rescues involving tree workers are increasing, a module on the rope equipment and techniques used by arborist is also presented.

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